a. $500 entry fee

b. May only enter jackpot once

c. Must enter the jackpot to be able to enter the $500 last chance qualifier

d. WCRA will take a maximum of 150 athletes per discipline into the Semi-Finals. The number of qualifiers that advance to the Semi-Finals will be based off of OPEN Jackpot entries and the number of available spots in each discipline.

e. Must complete a time in each round and must place in order to advance.

More Info on jackpot and last chance qualifier

  • Jackpots will use the cattle for the Semifinals.
  • First to enter last to rope (in barrels first to enter first in drag)

Number of Athletes Advancing out of the Last Chance Qualifier will be based on OPEN Jackpot Entries:

  • 1-5 entries (one qualifier advances to Preliminary Round of the WCRA Semi-Finals)
  • 6-10 entries (two qualifiers)
  • 11-29 entries (five qualifiers)
  • 30 – 109 entries (ten qualifiers)
  • 110 – 120 entries (eleven qualifiers)
  • 121 – 130 entries (twelve qualifiers)
  • 131 – 140 entries (thirteen qualifiers)

*One qualifier will be added for every ten entries above 141

Payback Info:

Discipline EF Rounds Stock Charge Payback
Team Roping $500/man 5 steers progressive after 1 80%
Tie Down $350 2 and short 70%
Break Away $250 2 and short 70%
Steer Wrestling $350 2 and short 70%
Barrels $100 4D 80%


2D Barrel Racing Incentive (Free Admission)

Wednesday, Nov. 14

Arena 1
Time Event
5:00 P.M. Barrel Racing Jackpot
Lazy E Arena
Time Event
5 – 8 P.M. Trade Show


Barrel Racing

$100/Entry 4D



Jackpot and Preliminary Round 1


    Thursday, Nov. 15

    Arena 1
    Time Event
    8:00 A.M. Tie-Down Roping Jackpot
    Noon Breakaway Jackpot
    5:00 P.M. Tie-Down Roping Jackpot


    Arena 2
    Time Event
    8:00 A.M. Steer Wrestling Jackpot
    Noon Barrel Racing Round 1
    5:00 P.M. Steer Wrestling Round 1


    Reliance Ranches Arena
    Time Event
    8:00 A.M. Team Roping Jackpot


    Lazy E Arena
    Time Event
    8 A.M – 6 P.M. Trade Show


    Preliminary Round 1

    150 competitors
    Total payout: $30,000

    $5,000 per round (4 monies)

    $20,000 average (6 monies)



    Jackpot Formats

    $500 Last Chance Qualifier Fee (must enter jackpot to enter Last Chance Qualifier)

    Team Roping

    $500/man 5 head Progressive after one

    Tie-Down Roping

    $350/entry 2 head and a short

    Breakaway Roping

    $250/entry 2 head and a short

    Steer Wrestling

    $350/entry 2 head and a short

    Barrel Racing

    $100/entry 4D


    Timed Events Format

    Preliminary Rounds >> Progressive Round >> Final Round

    Preliminary Rounds 1 and 2

    • 150 competitors

    Total payout: $30,000

    • $5,000 per round (4 monies)
    $20,000 average (6 monies)
    Preliminary Round payout based on 150 entries

    2D Barrel Racing Incentive

    • Total payout: $7500 (6 monies)

    • First Round for Barrel Racing competitors

    Progressive Round

    • 32 competitors
      Total payout: $20,000 (8 monies)

    • Top 8 out of progressive round advance to Final Round


    Final Round

    • 16 competitors (8 seeded from the leaderboard and 8 from the Progressive Round)

    • Total payout: $35,000 (8 monies)
      Top 8 advance to $1M Major