The IPRA will continue to co-sanction all WCRA events. All athletes earning money at WCRA events can count up to $10,000 of those earnings towards their 2024 IPRA World Standings.

To be IPRA eligible, athletes who compete in WCRA events must be IPRA members prior to the start of the competition and must compete in more than 10 IPRA events in 2024 for their WCRA earnings to count towards 2024 IPRA World Standings. 

From now until September 8, IPRA members can nominate the rodeos they are already planning to attend in order to qualify for the Rodeo North Carolina. There is $15,000 added to the qualifying rounds, and all money won there counts towards IPRA World Standings. There will be up to $10,000 counts towards IPRA World Standings.