WCRA Team Roping Athletes,

The leaderboard this week involved a major update in the standings due to WCRA Expanded Points being awarded to the athletes that competed at the Northern Team Roping and Breakaway Roping Championships on August 29th in Rapid City, SD.

For those of you that missed the announcement that was shared on WCRA Rodeo Facebook page, WCRA Athletes Facebook Page and WCRA Rodeo YouTube channel on July 29th, we announced the opportunity for all athletes to receive WCRA Expanded Points at the Northern Team Roping and Breakaway Roping Championships.

WCRA Expanded Points is a unique opportunity that WCRA created to offer to our alliance partners and it’s an added incentive to entering these producers’ events. The idea behind expanded points is to award more points to more athletes at one single event and it was first introduced in 2019 at the All In Barrel Race and All In Breakaway Roping in Las Vegas, NV.

Here is an example of how the WCRA Expanded Points compares to the WCRA standard point chart for a Division 3 Go-Round:

As we have all experienced since the Thursday afternoon leaderboard update, an event that offers WCRA Expanded Points can have significant impact on the standings, and that was as we anticipated. All participating athletes in the W20 segment have the same opportunity to enter these events and earn points. For those of you that did not attend this event, we will be announcing another WCRA expanded point earning opportunity prior to the October 11 point cutoff.

The creation of the Women’s Rodeo World Championship is to give ALL ladies the opportunity to participate in one of THE greatest events that includes one of THE largest payouts for all-girl events. It is also our goal to provide more opportunities for everyone, which is why next year, we will be awarding 16 “Fast Track” qualifications for the Women’s Rodeo World Championship from some of WCRA’s largest alliance partner events, like the Northern Breakaway and Team Roping Championships. These events will be spread across the country and will offer significant point earning opportunities for all. 

We appreciate your participation and we encourage each of you to join us every Wednesday at 3pmCT for our Women’s Rodeo World Championship Facebook Live where we discuss details on expanded points, upcoming win, you’re in events, ground rules, and more.  

Bobby Mote

WCRA President