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WCRA Semi-Finals

Lazy E Arena- Guthrie, OK I November 15-18


For decades there have been calls to tier the sport of Rodeo. In no other Professional Sport do all skill levels compete in the same field.

  • Based on our revolutionary and proprietary formula, we can appropriately rank all of rodeo, world-wide, collectively.
  • Our formula consists of the evaluation of objective data (not subjective) to rank rodeos/events effectively, in turn breaking the entire sport down into four (4) Divisions of competition:
    ⁃ Division I – Highest Level
    ⁃ Division II
    ⁃ Division III
    ⁃ Division IV – Lowest Level

Our formula considers objective criteria, proportionately, which is related to:

  • Athlete Opportunity
  • Strength of Field
  • Overall Exposure
  • Rodeo History

This formula also evaluates the rodeo/event by discipline, therefore allowing us to appropriately accredit points to athletes in their independent disciplines.

This process allows WCRA to consider ALL competitive efforts, regardless of the:

  • Location
  • Sanctioning Body
  • Events with all disciplines OR single disciplines – MAKE EVERY RIDE COUNT.

Division 1

Division I is the highest level of Rodeo

  • The largest purses and the greatest competition
  • Division 1 is representative of some of the largest Rodeos and Single Discipline events on earth

Division 2

Division II is the second highest level of Rodeo

  • Events where a combination of the Full-Time and Part-Time Athlete get big wins throughout the year
  • Where many Single Discipline larger jackpots land, that otherwise don’t count in rodeo’s current structures

Division 3

Division III

  • Events that are the “Bread and Butter” of the Part-Time Athlete and Single Discipline focused players

Division 4

Division IV

  • Events which fuel the industry – from Jackpots to smaller Rodeos happening across the country every single weekend

Points accreditation

Consistent with WCRA’s mission to align a fragmented sport, rodeo athletes will have instant access to a new world ranking point system based on a proprietary formula created by WCRA to rank all rodeo, worldwide, regardless of event location or sanctioning body. The formula also evaluates rodeo events by discipline, allowing athletes to earn appropriate points for their respective independent disciplines.

The new standings rank rodeos based on objective data such as athlete opportunity, strength of field, overall exposure and event history. To rank rodeos more effectively the system breaks the entire sport into four Divisions of competition with points awarded based on the appropriate Division assigned to each rodeo.

  • Technology based entry system available on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Contestants self-nominate their individual performances at Rodeo Events – Any Rodeo. Anytime. Anywhere.
  • WCRA maintains a tiered points system that contemplates participation from multiple “levels” of rodeo or sanctioned stand-alone rodeo discipline events.
  • A turnkey, automated system that does not require any direct involvement in the nomination process from aligned events.
  • Low cost, volume driven nomination system with high return opportunities for contestants.
  • Nominations for your performance must be verifiable through third party public information. Burden of proof of performance relies on public information provided by the organizer, yet the obligation remains on the athlete to prove any discrepancy.
  • Raw competition points are awarded to the Top 6 verifiable placings in each discipline of any given event, for each round of the event.
  • Those points are weighted and measured by any additional “advancing rounds” competed in.
  • Those points are then weighted and measured by the assigned “Division” to the Rodeo or Event.
  • Those points are also weighted and measured to the “type” of Rodeo or Event.
  • This proprietary algorithm will introduce a new world ranking system through points accreditation rather than dollars.


WCRA proudly launches with these well-known organizing bodies. We look forward to aligning with all of rodeo’s organizing groups, committees, promoters and single discipline related organizations. Call us today for more information on how to align with WCRA!

  • WCRA will make alliances available to any existing rodeo or stand-alone event/organization that sanctions one or more of the seven traditional rodeo disciplines.
  • WCRA will work with any existing format, rules or reasonable competition structure provided it is credible.
  • WCRA alignment can co-exist with any other sanctioning organization and does not require events or contestants to choose between sanctioning organizations.
  • WCRA will use the final results from aligned events to award points toward qualification for upcoming WCRA Semi-Final and Major events.
  • WCRA aligned events provide their contestants the opportunity to compete for $6,000,000 in incremental prize money.