Attention TRC Finals Ladies Only Athletes,

The TRC Finals Ladies Only in Stephenville, TX on August 29th was part of the WCRA Alliance.  As part of an agreement with the event promoter, every athlete’s entry fee included a discounted division four level nomination toward the WCRA Segment W20 (Women’s Rodeo World Championships [WRWC]). The event featured a Nominate, Win, & You’re In (NWYI) seeded qualification for the Fast Track Pool at WRWC. Congratulations to Sarah Angelone and Rylie Smith on earning their spots in the Fast Track Pool.

In addition to the NWYI, the event should have included WCRA Expanded Points, up to 20 places, to be consistent with a similar formatted event on the same day with Segment W20 leaderboard implications.  WCRA has retroactively applied expanded points to the TRC Finals Ladies Only Open Class.  Based on this decision and the event results, Expanded Points up to 20 places were applied in the Open class in the aggregate. 

WCRA Expanded Points is an initiative that is being implemented at select events to provide all athletes more point-earning opportunities at one alliance event.

Expanded Points Definition

1. The Virtual Rodeo Qualifier (VRQ) awards points, of up to ten paid positions, based on an event’s final results payout. Expanded Points is a deeper point scale that award points to more athletes at a single event.

2. When applied, Expanded Points may extend beyond the final paid position to include athletes with a recorded qualified score/time.

3. Expanded Points are only applied to rounds or aggregates that include paid places, same as the WCRA’s standard VRQ points scale.

We appreciate all of you participating in the W20 segment and we look forward to seeing you all at the inaugural – Women’s Rodeo World Championship.  

Questions? Please email [email protected].

Thank You