WCRA Athletes – 

After further consideration of our COVID-19 protocols for the Stampede at the E, which are designed to carry out a safe and responsible event, we will NOT require COVID testing, our new protocols for WCRA athletes will be daily touchless temperature checks for all participants.  

We continue to recommend that all athletes follow social distancing guidelines and be personally responsible for their health along with the health of others around them.

Since the Stampede at the E is the first rodeo to be on network television since the pandemic began, we are subject to a different set of guidelines. These guidelines are what have made it possible for sports to return to play and onto television. 

The success of the Stampede at The E and all rodeos is subject to athlete participation and without the support of the athlete these events simply won’t continue to happen. 

In closing- COVID has been tough on rodeo but it has been devastating on the entire world. The landscape has continued to evolve rapidly since we announced this event in late June. So many rodeos have been canceled this year as the committees were not willing to or unable to deal with the challenges and the liability of producing an event during a world-wide pandemic. WCRA accepted that risk and we are doing what we believe is necessary to produce an event that will benefit all of rodeo.

WCRA President Bobby Mote