Attention Athletes,

The cutoff to earn points for the August $300,000 Stampede at the E is two days away. Here are some important reminders about this deadline:

  1. The official cut off to be in the Top 64 of the WCRA Leaderboard standings is 11:59:59 PM CT on July 26. If a rodeo is currently in progress, but does not end by this time, it will not count towards the Segment 6 standings. 
  2. At 9amCT on Tuesday, July 28, the leaderboard will be updated on the website and athletes will have until 9amCT on July 29 to declare a dispute in the results. 
  3. By 11 AM CT on July 30 – the results will be final. Note: The #1 individual header and heeler on the WCRA Leaderboard as of July 26 at 11:59pmCT will advance directly to the Stampede at the E $300,000 Main Event. They will also have the option to compete in the Progressive Round and they are not required to rope together in the Progressive Round. However, they can only advance to the Major once.
  1. A list of the confirmed headers and heelers in the Top 64 will be sent via email on July 31st and those athletes will have until August 3rd to confirm their pairings via email.
  2. As the pairings are sent in, the header and heeler point total will be combined to determine the team’s rank inside of the Top 64.  
    1. Once the top 64 is final, the athletes will advance as follows:
      1. #1 – 9 will advance to the Progressive Round
      2. #10 – 64 will advance to the Qualifier Round

If there is a tie in the standings to determine the top 64 headers and heelers, please be aware of the tie-breaker rules: (ALL TIE BREAKERS HAVE BEEN APPLIED ON THE WCRA LEADERBOARD THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE SEGMENT)

  1. First tie-breaker – When there is a tie on total WCRA points, the tie will be broken based upon the total number of points by place. For example, the contestant with the most first place points will win the tie. If both contestants have an equal number of first place points, the contestant with the most second place points will win the tie.  This process will continue until the tie is decided.
  2. Second tie-breaker – The tie will be broken based upon the most points won in the highest division
  3. Third tie-breaker – The tie will be broken based upon the most nominations 
  4. Fourth tie-breaker – The tie will be broken based upon the earliest date/time of first nomination
  5. Fifth tie-breaker – The tie will be broken based upon the earliest date of registering in the app
  6. If still tied, the tie will be broken from the standings of the alliance partner that the consolation points were won

If you do advance in the Top 64 to the WCRA Pool, WCRA will contact each of you directly and you will be given more information on the entry procedure. Entries will be open August 4 – 5.

Lastly, as we approach the segment cut off, please keep in mind that if you can help us capture results and forward them to us, that will help expedite the process of updating points and the leaderboard. Please send all results to [email protected]. For additional questions, please email [email protected].