IFR 52 Rules and Guidelines:

The athlete must meet all requirements listed to be eligible and they are:

The athlete must voluntarily nominate WCRA Segment RCC22 in the VRQ prior to the official start time of the first round of competition.

The athlete must nominate the discipline they wish to be considered for the award.

Athletes entered in more than one discipline are eligible to nominate multiple disciplines.

Award Information:

Award will be a one-time bonus of $2,500.00 USD

Award will be given to the athlete who earns the most amount of prize money in a single discipline during the IFR52 event. Total prize money earned from all rounds of competition and the aggregate will be combined to determine an athlete’s total event earnings.

Ground money is not eligible to be included in an athlete’s total earnings.

Additional Information:

The winning athlete must complete a W9.  ALL non-US resident athletes must complete a W-8BEN tax form, 30% of any earnings due will be withheld. The winner shall be responsible for any and all applicable taxes.


  • Highest ranked aggregate placing in a discipline
    • Highest total number of round wins
    • Highest total number of round placings
    • Most prize money earned in any round of competition
    • Highest Year End Total Money in the 2021 IPRA World Standings in that discipline
    • If tie still remains after all tiebreakers exhausted, the tied athletes will split the payout evenly.


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