If you haven’t reserved your stalls and/or RV Spot:

 Please go to www.openstalls.com to make your reservation

If you already reserved your stall and/or RV spot, here is some additional information below:

Check-In and Check-Out Information

Stalls are available starting at 4pm on Sunday, November 8th

All Athletes will need to be checked out of their stall by

Sunday, November 15th at 11:59pm

All Athletes with stall reservations will receive an email on Friday, November 6 with an explanation of how the check-in process will be ran upon your arrival

Parking Information  
Day haulers will be able to park behind the livestock barns 1-4 (see map below).  There will be no tie outs – you must purchase a stall.  If you arrive late, you will need to rent a stall and park in the trailer parking lot (see map)

Important: A negative Coggins is required for Texas horses and a 30-day health certificate and negative Coggins for out-of-state horses is required.

For additional questions or reservation information:

Please contact Rodeo Logistics support at 888-343-1123 or [email protected]

See below for map and event information