As a winner of Rodeo Corpus Christi, we would like to invite you to be WCRA Brand Ambassador.

As a WCRA Brand Ambassador, your main responsibility would be to provide marketing and promotional services. This would involve creating and executing promotional campaigns that could include tasks such as representing the brand on social media, participating in interviews, acting as an influencer, and engaging in social media and advertising campaigns across various social applications. As part of your role, you would also need to be present on the 2024 Rodeo Carolina Leaderboard and promote the upcoming event.

As a WCRA Brand Ambassador, you will be a spokesperson for the WCRA and involved in interviews and media opportunities related to your discipline. We will provide you with:

  • $1000 in VRQ Bucks Gift Card
    • $500 at the End of Rodeo Corpus Christi
    • $500 at Rodeo Carolina
  • For each post regarding WCRA, we will give you a bonus of an additional $40/post on your VRQ account good towards nominating
    • Each athlete is limited to $160/month in bonuses
  • Provide you with all your event footage and photos
  • Provide you with promotional material (Graphics, Video)

You can also earn from your social media content by sharing your promo code or by winning a WCRA Major while you are an ambassador. These can be in addition to your bonus posts per month. The amount you earn is based on the nominations using your code. Have question? Contact WCRA Media Director Kyle Jones at [email protected] or 775-304-2545. Once all registration is complete, we will contact you.

Please complete the form below if you accept: