A Season To Be Grateful For

As November draws to a close, many rodeo families and friends are taking a moment to celebrate the things that matter most. Thanksgiving provides a time to take a breath from hectic lives and appreciate all life has to offer. Thanksgiving marks a cheerful day, full of bright smiles and cheer to go round–tis’ the season for gratitude and appreciation. 

For many rodeo athletes, this time period also serves as one of the few down times. For cowboys and cowgirls who make a living chasing victorious dreams and white lines, this time of year is also a time of rest and restoration with their loved ones. 

For one of the World Champions Rodeo Alliance’s (WCRA), brightest couples, the holiday is about spending time with family and appreciating all of the season’s offerings. Erika and Josh Frost are taking a pause from their successful rodeo careers to appreciate the season’s tidings with family in Utah. 

“I am most grateful for a God who provides everything I need to live a fulfilled life.” said Erika Frost, who is celebrating a successful rookie year, competing alongside her sister-in-law in the breakaway roping. 

Erika Frost continued her gratitude for the year’s copious opportunities, joking “I am also grateful for a husband who puts up with me and all my crazy ideas!”, accrediting her husband, and 2023 PBR Pendleton Whisky Velocity Tour Champion Josh Frost for his support through the season. 

Like the Frosts, many rodeo families will spend the holiday gathered around traditional tables of elaborate meals, with smiles and gratitude to go around. For the WCRA, this season of gratitude also marks five years since the WCRA’s inception in 2018. While providing copious, life-changing opportunities, the WCRA expresses their gratitude for the athletes and members of the WCRA family, who make the ‘All for Rodeo. All for the Athlete’ mantra possible. 


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