Frequently Asked Questions - World Champions Rodeo Alliance

Q: How do I join WCRA?

A: To participate in the WCRA, an athlete just needs to register as a user in the WCRA Virtual Rodeo Qualifier (VRQ). No membership dues or fees required. Register HERE

Q: How do I download the app?

A: The app is available through your web browser at It is a mobile formatted web app, not a native app therefore not available in the app store.

Q: How long is the WCRA Season?

A: WCRA divides the calendar year into segments. In most cases each segment consists of a Semi-Finals and Major. Points accumulate during each segment and reset to zero at the start of each new segment.

Q: How do I earn points?

A: An athlete must nominate an event they are competing at 2 hours prior to the start of the competition. WCRA has over 6,000 events in our database, but if you cannot find the event you are competing at, you are able to add the event into the WCRA Database. Eligible events must be an OPEN event where all ages can compete, and the results must be available online. Once you pay your nomination fee, if you place in a paid position at the event, WCRA will input the results into its system, and your points will be applied during the weekly leaderboard update.

Q: How much does it cost to nominate?


  • Division 1 – $200/nomination
  • Division 2 – $150/nomination
  • Division 3 – $100/nomination
  • Division 4 – $50/nomination

A transaction fee of $9.99/nomination applies.

Q: How many points can I get per nomination?

A: Visit this page to see how point accreditation works –

Q: How many points do I need to compete at the WCRA Semi-Finals or Major events?

A: In most cases each segment consists of one $500,000 Semi-Finals event and one $1,000,000 Major event. The only way to get to the Major is by competing at the Semi-Finals. And the only way to advance to the Semi-Finals is by earning points and placing in an advancing position by the posted cutoff date. There is not a minimum amount of points needed, but advancing positions. For example, for Segment 2, by April 15th, in the timed events, if an athlete is 51st – 100th, they will advance to the Quarter Finals. If a timed event athlete is 1st – 50th, they will advance to the Semi-Finals, and those that are 1st – 16th will be exempt into the Progressive Round. In the rough stock events, by April 15th, all athletes that are placing 1st – 32nd on the WCRA Leaderboard will compete at the Semi-Finals, and those that are 1st – 8th will be exempt into the Final Round.

Q: What is an alliance association/rodeo? Is it better to nominate those than other events?

A: WCRA has created alliance partnerships with rodeo groups, committees, promoters, and single discipline-related organizations to create opportunities for members of these organizations to compete at WCRA events. The benefit of nominating an alliance event is that just by nominating, you are guaranteed to earn points. These points are called “consolation points”. If an athlete nominates and competes at an alliance event, and does not place in a paid position, they will earn half of the base points for that division.

  • Division 1 – 7.5 consolation points
  • Division 2 – 4.5 consolation points
  • Division 3 – 3 consolation points
  • Division 4 – 1.5 consolation points

Q: Do I need to nominate each day or does one nomination cover the whole rodeo/event/ barrel race?

A: There are two different classifications of rodeos in the WCRA system.

  1. The first is a standard format, where the competition lasts over several days and may have several go rounds, a finals and an average. Standard formats only require one nomination for the entirety of the event.
  2. The second is a multiple entry jackpot format. This is an event that requires multiple entry fees and each race/roping/etc. has its own payout and concludes at the end of each round. These multiple entry jackpot formats require a nomination per race/roping/round/etc.

Q: Am I responsible for sending in results for the events that I nominate?

A: The WCRA data team updates the leaderboard on Wednesdays of each week. If the team is unable to locate the results by Wednesday, they will contact the athlete and give them 48 hours to submit the results. If an athlete nominates an event but is unable to provide the results within those 48 hours, the nomination will be forfeited.

Q: If one person nominates the rodeo, does that mean everyone is nominated or does everyone have to nominate themselves individually?

A: Nominations are associated with each individual athlete. So, if 50 athletes are competing at the rodeo, all 50 athletes should nominate the event to be eligible to earn WCRA points.

Q: Do I get points only in the 1D or if I win money at all? (Barrel Racer points)

A: In the barrel racing, the top 10 placing paid positions are given WCRA points. For example, in a 4D race, if 10 places are paid in each D, then the 10 placing positions in the 1D will receive WCRA points. If 5 places are paid in a 4D, then the top 5 in the 1D and the top 5 in the 2D will receive WCRA points.

Q: Do contestants earn anything back for placing at an event that they nominated?

A: By nominating an event and placing, the athlete will earn points that puts them in the running to advance to compete at the WCRA $500,000 Semi-Finals, which also gives them the chance to advance to the WCRA $1,000,000 Major. All nominations fees go towards those payouts.

Q: How do I know what division the event is if I have to ‘Add Event?’

A: Follow this link HERE to see how Division Rankings work –  If the WCRA data entry team is unable to validate the payout to place the event in to a Division Ranking, it will default as a Division 4.

Q: If I am in the top 50, do I have to go to Quarter Finals? Who exactly/ how does Quarter Finals work?

A: The Quarter Finals is going to be for the Timed Event disciplines only for Segment 2. As of April 15th, if a timed event athlete is 51st – 100th on the WCRA Leaderboard, they will advance to the Quarter Finals and the top 16 in the average in each discipline will advance to the Semi-Finals.

Q: If a rodeo pays 40 places in one go round, do all 40 places earn points? Is this the same for all disciplines?

       A: Points are awarded in each go round up to the top 10 paid positions. This applies to all nine rodeo disciplines.”