Reliance Ranches VRQ Bonus Champion Ryann Pedone Looks To Claim Bonus Again

The $25,000 Reliance Ranches Virtual Rodeo Qualifier (VRQ) Points Champion bonus can change the trajectory of athletes, like Ryann Pedone’s season, especially when one wins it back to back.

Ryann Pedone has made a career pursuing her greatest passion, raising and training barrel horses. Through the World Champions Rodeo Alliance (WCRA), Pedone has been able to continue pursuing her passions and bettering herself. Pedone also credits her strategic nomination strategy, which has pocketed over $50,000 in the past two years, with two Reliance Ranches VRQ Bonus titles and multiple event placements. 

Ryann Pedone during the WCRA Rodeo Carolina

All athletes who nominate their 2023-24 rodeo efforts and earn cumulative leaderboard points in their respective disciplines through the VRQ towards a 2024 WCRA event will be eligible to win the bonus. At the end of the qualifying segment, the top four athletes atop the points standings will take home cash bonuses, with the champion taking home a $25,000 bonus. 

Pedone explained that these bonuses were a motivator for her to compete at the WCRA events and an opportunity to further invest in herself and her horses. 

“Winning this bonus two years in a row is very rewarding. I feel very grateful for these opportunities. I have used this bonus to further invest in new and current horses, which is what I truly love about this industry,” explained Pedone. 

Pedone, who originally grew up on a dairy farm in Florida, found her love for barrel racing at an early age. After moving to her current home in Sunset, Texas, Pedone has fulfilled her passions, making a living as a barrel horse breeder, trainer, and rider. Raising and training generations of barrel horses has left a significant impression on the industry and allowed Pedone to fulfill her passions. 

“I feel very blessed and grateful to be in this industry. It’s more special as the years go on, watching my yearlings grow into their successful paths. With so many opportunities like the WCRA, it is an exciting and promising time to be in this industry,” said Pedone. 

Ryann Pedone at the Final Round at the WCRA Stampede at the E event.

Pedone also explained the WCRA’s format and ground conditions have aligned well with her futurity training goals. 

“I enjoy going to the WCRA major events because of the format and opportunity to run multiple horses on good ground,” explained the trainer, whose passion is rooted in the care and betterment of her horses. 

Pedone explained she is grateful for the many opportunities and support for her support system throughout her career. Looking forward to the 2024 season, Pedone has many goals for herself and her line of horses, including a third Reliance Ranches VRQ Points Champion. 


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