Snedecor Looks For His Second Corpus Christi Surfboard

By: Julia Dondero

Almost one year ago, Scott Snedecor took home the WCRA Rodeo Corpus Christi Surfboard as the 2022 Steer Roping Champion. This year, Snedecor is looking for a repeat outcome as he prepares for the 2023 Rodeo Corpus Christi Steer Roping, happening May 6-7 in Corpus Christi, Texas. 

In addition to the prestigious award, Snedecor is also looking to capture the revolutionary $3,000 year-end bonus. The bonus paid out to the Steer Roping athlete with the most cumulative VRQ points from the combined SR23 segment leaderboards and World Points earned at the event. 

Scott Snedecor takes home the steer roping victory at the 2022 Rodeo Corpus Christi

For the 20-time National Finals Steer Roping qualifier and four-time World Champion, the WCRA has opened the door for many new opportunities, including competing in Corpus Christi. Snedecor reflected on last year’s event, “Rodeo Corpus Christi is truly a first-class event. It has been a Steer Roping I have always wanted to win.” The Texas cowboy joked he “finally got the monkey off his back” and was able to rope sharply to take home almost $14,000 and the coveted surfboard. This year, the recently-added year-end bonus creates more opportunities for Steer Ropers to compete and win big on large stages.

Snedecor and Family

Nominating the right events is crucial for success on the WCRA leaderboard and Snedecor has found the strategy that has led him to success. Snedecor explained, “Nominating select, large ropings has allowed me to qualify for these large events like Corpus Christi and compete on an incredible stage.” It has been this nomination strategy that has allowed the Steer Roping veteran to excel in the WCRA leaderboards and events. Snedecor currently sits in second place as the current segment looks to conclude in less than two months. 

The veteran also had some wise words for Steer Roping newcomers, “Just nominate it. Each run will get you that much closer to qualifying for the big ones.” He further expanded on this sediment of encouragement, explaining the WCRA is the perfect opportunity for those looking to compete at a high caliber, without running the wheels off their truck and trailer. 

Scott Snedecor competing at the 2022 Rodeo Corpus Christi. Photo by Josh Homer/Bull Stock Media.

The Steer Roping legend nodded his head to the WCRA for the work done to better future generations and expressed his gratitude for the opportunities created that have rejuvenated the sport of Steer Roping. For Snedecor, the WCRA has allowed him to continue to follow his passion closer to home. Looking forward, he will continue to get his nominations in as he prepares for Rodeo Corpus Christi and the remainder of the current WCRA segment. 


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