The Bronc Riding Etbauers Are Barrel Racers, Too

By: Kendra Santos

The Etbauer Boys—South Dakota-born brothers Billy, Robert and Dan—are legendary saddle bronc riding greats who will go down in rodeo history as some of the best there’s ever been.  These days, the barrel racing Etbauer girls—Billy’s wife, Hollie, and daughter, Jacie—are bringing recognition to the bottom side of the pedigree of rodeo royals. Both are doing battle here this week at the $750,000 Women’s Rodeo World Championship at Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, Texas.

Treg, Jacie, Kord, Hollie and Billy Etbauer are one tight rodeo family.
(PC: Christy Burleson Photo Courtesy of The Etbauer Family)

When ProRodeo Hall of Famer Billy Etbauer was busy winning five gold bronc riding buckles and breaking rodeo records with his brothers, Hollie, Jacie and her brothers, Kord and Treg, were doing everything they could think of to get behind his hopes and dreams. Billy appreciated it so much he’s turned the tables on them.

Hollie and Jacie Etbauer at work here at the Women’s World Championship Rodeo.
(PC: Kendra Santos Photo)

“Billy’s basically told us that it’s our turn,” said Hollie, who like Billy rides for Team Express Ranches. Dan’s wife, Kasey, is also a lifelong barrel racer. “He takes care of the place (in Edmond, Oklahoma), and starts all the colts. He even trims them when they’re babies. Billy puts the base on these horses that makes it easy for Jacie and I to go on with them. Billy’s the wagon hub of our training program—and our family.”

Living legends Dan, Robert and Billy Etbauer broke bronc riding records.


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