–  Based on increased participation and demand from Youth Rodeo Athletes

WCRA (World Champions Rodeo Alliance) announced major improvements to the existing DY (Division Youth) platform including a first of its kind new World Title Race for Youth Rodeo – in multiple age classifications.

  • Junior Leaderboard (Ages 19 and under)
  • Youth Leaderboard (Age 13-15)

WCRA also announced the DY expansion will include roughstock disciplines (Bareback, Saddle Bronc and Bull Riding) in the Junior class. 

In addition, Ladies Goat Tying and Ladies Pole Bending disciplines have been added in both age classifications and will be a part of the improved qualification system.

“Participation in our DY platform is at an all-time high”, said WCRA President Bobby Mote. “We launched DY in Timed-Event disciplines only because of the volume.  As a retired Bareback Rider, I could not be more excited about the addition of roughstock disciplines to DY.  The Youth athletes are the future of this sport and we are now in business to support and develop them across all disciplines.”

Another major enhancement to DY includes multiple Divisions of competition in the VRQ – much like WCRA’s Open level of competition (DY1 – DY5).

According to Mote, historically all DY nominations were $25 and the same points were offered whether you won your local jackpot or the legendary IFYR (International Finals Youth Rodeo).  Now, youth athletes will have a chance to nominate those local jackpots at a lower price point of $15.00 and receive a lower point scale at DY5.  Whereas an event such as the IFYR and NHSRA Finals with higher payouts, greater athlete participation and competition, will be a DY1 offering significantly more points towards the 2023 DY World Title.

“After four years of building qualification platforms, we’ve taken the most successful elements of the Triple Crown of Rodeo and the Women’s Rodeo World Championships and combined them into the new and improved DY”, added Mote. “This is poised to be our most successful effort yet”. 

In July 2023, at the Lazy E the DY Championship event will guarantee over $200,000 in added money. This championship event will be a culmination of rodeo events worldwide creating a new first of its kind, open to the world, Youth World Title race.

DY Athletes will have two opportunities to earn a position to the Championship event with no entry fees:

  • The Top 16 on the DY23 Leaderboard (by age classification, by discipline)
  • Generic Qualification from a DY Qualifier Series event.

DY Qualifier Series (DYQS) are a group of events held prior to the July 2023 Championship where athletes who nominate and place in the top spot in their respected discipline at the DY Qualifier Series event will earn a generic qualification with no entry fees to the 2023 Championship.

The first DYQS will be held in conjunction with Future Stars Calf Roping May 26-30 in Glen Rose, TX. A list of confirmed 2022-23 DY Qualifier Series events can be found HERE

Athletes can qualify by nominating their rodeo efforts and earning points for the WCRA DY23 leaderboard. Nominations will open on May 2 and close on June, 25, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. Athletes can learn how to nominate and earn points at dy.rodeo.


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