World Champions Rodeo Alliance Aligns with All-In Barrel Race and Breakaway

–Announcement Unveils WCRA’s Expanded Points Format–

AUSTIN, TEXAS- World Champions Rodeo Alliance (WCRA) and ALL-IN Barrel Race and Breakaway are proud to announce they have aligned for the December 2019 ALL-IN Barrel Race and Breakaway event in Las Vegas.  This alliance announcement is a continued effort to expand opportunities for rodeo athletes around the globe.

The collaboration between the two organizations will give barrel racers and breakaway ropers the chance to nominate and earn competition and consolation points. WCRA’s alignment with the event will maximize athletes’ efforts to possibly compete in one of WCRA’s $500,000 semi-finals events and possibly move onto a one-day $1,000,000 major rodeo.

This Alliance event will also serve as a “sneak peak” to WCRA’s 2020 Expanded Points. WCRA’s 2020 Expanded Points format will award competition points to up to forty (40) places at the Division 1 Gold Level Alliance event.  Whereas, formerly under normal circumstances, WCRA points would only be available to up to 10 paid positions.

With the announcement of expanded points, 30 more athletes will receive competition points when competing at the December 2019 ALL IN event. 

According to WCRA President Bobby Mote; WCRA is able to maintain the amount of points paid to both the first and last positions.  Essentially, more athletes, receive more points within the spread, but the overall effect of the expanded points doesn’t upset the integrity of the overall points scale. In addition, athletes must have a qualified ride/run to receive expanded points.

The ALL-IN Barrel Race will pay WCRA competition points to:

  • Top 10 racers in the 1D, 2D, 3D and 4D

The ALL-IN Breakaway will pay WCRA competition points to:

  • Top 15 Ropers in 1D and 2D as well as the Top 10 in the 3D

“Our number one mission is to advance the sport of rodeo with alliance partners like ALL IN,” said Mote. “Due to demand for competition points, we are introducing our Expanded Points platform for select events in 2020.  The ALL-IN events, paying over $800,000 seemed like a great opportunity for us to offer a “Sneak Peak” for athletes to see the benefits of this new initiative. The expanded points initiative will improve the value of competing in WCRA Alliance events and more importantly reward athletes whom are consistently doing their job while competing at these events.”

WCRA also announced that the December event held in Las Vegas at the Orleans Arena will be a “Nominate, Win and You’re in” event. The champions from the event who nominate their efforts prior to the start of the event will receive an automatic exemption into the WCRA $500,000 semi-finals held in Guthrie, Oklahoma at the Lazy E Arena in May 2020.   

Those participating in the December 2019 event are encouraged to use the one-time use coupon code “ALLIN2019” for a $50 discount on their nomination.  

ALL IN Breakaway is a unique breakaway event offering a 3D format and $100,000 cash and prizes payout with The ALL IN Barrel Race having a guaranteed $700,000 cash payout. More info and dates on the barrel race can be found here while details on the breakaway event can be found here

Since launching in May of 2018, the WCRA and its partners have awarded more than $5,600,000 in new money to rodeo athletes. 

Qualifying for events will be based purely on performance and on series points, rather than dollars won, through the Virtual Rodeo Qualifier (VRQ). For athletes interested in learning more about the WCRA and the VRQ, or you’re an event producer/promoter interested in aligning with the WCRA platform and the new expanded points initiative, please visit or call 833-368-3787.


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