Happy Mother’s Day from Corpus Christi, Rodeo Moms!

By: Kendra Santos

My 82-year-old, ranch-raised cowboy horse doctor dad says, “People always want to talk about the studs, but those mares deserve so much of the credit, because they raise the babies.” He has a point, and that point applies to humans, too. In honor of today’s Rodeo Corpus Christi Showdown Round being held beachside on Mother’s Day Sunday, we thought it’d be fun to ask some of the contestants running at their share of the $545,000 up for grabs here at Buc Days one question…What’s the nicest thing your mom ever did for you?

Bareback Rider Trenten Montero on His Mom, Susan

“All the nice things my mom’s done for me is a long list. My mom wasn’t from a rodeo family, but she’s spent a lot of her life taking me to practice and driving me to rodeos. She’s just always been behind me all the way, no matter what.”

Trenten Montero with his mom, Susan, and little brother, Caden.

Saddle Bronc Rider Shorty Garrett on His Mom, Johnilyn

“Best thing my mom ever did for me was bring me into this world. I get to do all of this because of that.”

Shorty Garrett and his mom, Johnilyn. Purple in honor of Great Uncle Casey Tibbs.

Breakaway Roper Madison Outhier on Her Mom, Kristy

“I’d have to say giving up her professional polo career to support me and my little brother (Ace). She was the #1 rated polo player in America, and #2 in the world when she retired professionally and put her passion aside to be there for us every weekend. She became a stay-at-home mom to be available to us all the time. I love to rope, and Ace junior high rodeos, plays baseball and football, fishes and hunts. Our mom put everything else aside to be behind us in all the things we love to do.”

Kristy and Madison Outhier define mother-daughter badassery.

Bull Rider Parker Breding on His Mom, Jana

“My mom’s my positivity rock. When I get down, she tells me she’s going to kick my butt if I don’t get my spirits back up. I hear that all the time if I’m negative on the phone, and it always makes me laugh, does the job and gets me back on track.”

Parker Breding and his biggest cheerleader, Mom Jana.

Team Roper Junior Nogueira on His Mom, Eliziane

“My dad died when I was 5, so my mom is Mom and Dad. The nicest thing my mom ever did for me was raise me right. I am who I am because of her. My mom was a single mom, and she was super tough, but also super sweet. She kept me in line, then held me on her lap. My mom’s my best friend.”

Eliziane and Junior Nogueira, then and now.

Bulldogger Bridger Anderson on His Mom, Robin

“The nicest thing my mom’s done for me is a very long list. She’s never stopped believing in me, or stopped doing everything she possibly can to help me chase my dreams. I could never ask for anything more in a mom than what I’ve got.”

Bridger and Robin Anderson at his first NFR last December.

Tie-Down Roper Caddo Lewallen on His Mom, Vicki

“The nicest thing my mom ever did for me was having ‘our little secrets’ when I was a kid, so I didn’t get in trouble with my dad (Kerry). There are seriously so many things she did for me that it’s hard to say just one. My mom has always been my biggest fan, and has always been the type of mom who will do anything I need and anything she thinks I need done, without even being asked.”

Kerry, Christy, Caddo and Vicki Lewallen.

Saddle Bronc Rider Wyatt Casper on His Mom, Amy

“Oh my gosh, that’s hard to narrow down. There are too many nice things to even try and think of just one. I’d have to say the best thing my mom ever did was support me and let me choose my path through life. She and my dad (John) have always both backed me all the way. And that’s as good as it gets.”

Dad John, Mom Amy, Daughter Cheyenne, Wife Lesley, Wyatt and Son Cooper Casper.


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