Letting the Wins Roll with Josh Frost

They say when you’re hot, you’re hot, and Josh Frost has been on a roll of big wins over the past few years. Rolling with the positive momentum has led the reigning National Finals Rodeo Average Champion and Reserve World Champion Bull Rider to great success in the World Champions Rodeo Alliance and the Professional Bull Riders Association. 

Most recently, Frost emerged as the supreme rider in Corpus Christi, Texas, delivering a clutch ride to be crowned the 2023 PBR Pendleton Whisky Velocity Tour Champion, earning the accompanying $50,000 bonus. Courtesy of this recent accomplishment, Frost has secured his second consecutive qualification to the PBR World Finals, to be held May 12-21 in Fort Worth, Texas, at Dickies Arena.

In 2022, Frost also became the Reliance Ranches Virtual Rodeo Qualifier Points Champions Bonus winner, taking home a cash bonus of $25,000.

Josh Frost, Rock Salt and Nails, during the third performance of the WCRA Cowtown Christmas. Photo by Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

“This bonus provided me with huge momentum looking forward to the start of the season. I was so grateful to win it and aim to capture it this year.” Frost has his eyes set on bagging this bonus again as he plans to continuously nominate large events. Frost currently sits in third place on the Bull Riding Rodeo Corpus Christi Leaderboard. Frost also expressed his goals of working towards the prestigious Triple Crown of Rodeo One-Million dollar bonus, explaining how the opportunity at such a large payout would be life-changing. 

Reflecting on the previous WCRA segment, Frost described how the Cowtown Christmas Championship Rodeo was one of his favorite events thus far. “The opportunity to pick your bulls based on your standing is a game-changer. It allows one the ability to create a greater strategy and hopefully succeed.” He also explained how the ability to compete after the NFR and carry that momentum has been a key to his success in Fort Worth. Looking forward, the Utah cowboy intends to roll with the positive momentum and capture big wins this season. 

For Frost, this season will also be a season of new and exciting firsts, as his wife, Erika Frost enters her PRCA rookie year in the Breakaway Roping. Erika currently sits among the top 25 WCRA Rodeo Corpus Christi Breakaway Ropers and looks forward to the Women’s Rodeo World Championship in May. Erika has spent the past few years as a second-grade teacher. She is eagerly anticipating roping at Rodeo Corpus Christi and roping for the equal payout opportunities provided by the WCRA. Josh expressed his excitement for his wife, explaining, “I am so excited for her season. The WCRA has provided so many opportunities for the two of us, and I am excited to cheer her on this season.” 

For the Frosts, 2023 is all about rolling with the positives and looking forward to the future. Josh expressed his gratitude for the WCRA and the opportunities it has provided for all levels of competitors. He expanded on the theme of positive momentum, explaining that the WCRA has allowed him to hop on great bulls and compete for the chance at historic payouts. Frost also expressed his excitement for the sport’s future, explaining that the WCRA presents a unique and exciting opportunity for all involved.


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