World Champions Rodeo Alliance Announces Updates to The Virtual Rodeo Qualifier

–Segment Four Nominations Begins July 9–

AUSTIN, TEXAS- The World Champions Rodeo Alliance (WCRA) recently announced two major changes to the Virtual Rodeo Qualifier (VRQ) that will benefit all rodeo athletes using the web-based qualification platform beginning July 9. The WCRA released that college events will now count towards the WCRA Leaderboard and the introduction of “WCRA Nomination Points” which will allow athletes to earn points when nominating non-alliance events. 

“Due to high demand from athletes competing at the college level, we have decided to make these age restricted events eligible to earn points through the VRQ,” said WCRA President Bobby Mote. “This is our first step of incorporating age restricted events into the WCRA qualification process.”

Beginning July 9, athletes can now earn division four points when nominating an intercollegiate rodeo. Based on points earned through nominated performances, they may advance to one of WCRA’s $500,000 Semi-Finals events in hopes of reaching one of the one-day $1,000,000 major rodeos.

The WCRA also announced that as of July 9 they will now award “WCRA Nomination Points” to athletes who nominate a non-alliance event and do not place in a paid position and earn competition points. The following are the three categories of WCRA points athletes can earn when nominating: 

  • Competition Points- Points earned for placing in up to 10 paid positions per the WCRA point system.
  • Consolation Points- Points earned at alliance events for nominations that do not result in earning competition points.
  • Nomination Points- Points that are awarded when no competition points, nor consolation points are earned or awarded.

Below is the breakdown of the WCRA Nomination Points that will be eligible for each division: 

  • Division I: 1.0 points
  • Division II: .75 points
  • Division III: .50 points
  • Division IV: .25 points

Any athlete who already nominated segment four using the multi-segment nomination will be credited WCRA Nomination Points retroactively if they apply. Nomination points will be reflected on the WCRA Leaderboard update on July 17.

“We are constantly looking for ways to increase opportunities for all rodeo athletes,” said Mote. “After seeing a monumental increase of nominations in just under a year, we feel this is a step in the right direction in giving athletes more value, by making more points available.” 

All rodeo athletes interested in learning more about the VRQ should be directed to 

Since launching in May of 2018, the WCRA and its partners have awarded more than $4,565,000 in new money to rodeo athletes.


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