Are you a rodeo athlete?

1 step

Start by nominating an event

First things first, you’ll need to create a free account. Then, use the WCRA app to “nominate” any rodeo or event you’re competing in. Nominating an event means we track your results so you can earn points, cash bonuses, and qualify for WCRA semi-finals and million-dollar major events.

Divisions & Fees:
We use objective data (such as total payout) to break events across the sport into one of four divisions. The division determines how much it costs to nominate.
2 step

Compete and earn points

How points and rankings work

Once an athlete has nominated an event (prior to competing), points are awarded if and when the athlete places and earns money. The WCRA Leaderboard is updated weekly on Wednesday afternoons.

Points are weighted differently for each division and are scaled for go rounds and final rounds/ aggregates.
3 step

Qualify for semi-finals and major events

WCRA will create and execute multiple $1,000,000 major events annually. WCRA major events will be held in multiple qualifying segments and in conjunction with major PBR events.

Progression Model:
Qualifying athletes compete based on discipline. The model for each discipline is different, but everyone has a chance to win big.

More opportunities
to win

More opportunities
to win


Youth Division

WCRA Rodeo unveiled Division Y (DY), a youth division designed to give youth the most exclusive opportunity to qualify and compete in a one-day $1,000,000 major rodeo.   

What’s the VRQ weekly bonus?

The WCRA Virtual Rodeo Qualifier (VRQ) Weekly Bonus is a bonus paid to the high-point earner in each division each week. The athlete with the most points in the VRQ each week to win the weekly bonus.

The winners will be determined based on the most points won in each Division each week.
Division 1 Winner: $500
Division 2 Winner: $400
Division 3 Winner: $250
Division 4 Winner: $200